The most powerful force the Father, Son and Holy Spirit have set in the world to overcome the world, the flesh and the devil is the work and testimony of the Word, Spirit and Blood of Jesus Christ through the Father’s mature, supernatural sons redeemed through this three-fold, eternal witness and, by revelation, beginning to know and understand how to partner with the fullness of the Son as kingly intercessors to see the demonstrations of the Father as He overcomes all beggarly elements of this present world.

We invite you into this marvelous place where you will be equipped to “possess the Kingdom of Heaven” within your earthly spheres on Earth that prepares you to be a real, eternal light in the ever increasing darkness to your family, friends and workplace associates who are desperate to find the Light. Let us know if we can be of service to you and your family or fellowship and enjoy and give thanks today for what the Lord has already given to you through the Blood of Jesus Christ.

Announcing: “Qualified to Conquer Beyond the Impossible Online School” has completed its first three courses which are now published in three manuals each containing twelve lessons.  Part I is “The Transformation of the Spiritual and Natural Mind”; Part II is “You and Your House”; and Part III is “Edifying the Body of Christ”; this series will establish for you the necessary information and revelation to execute real-time restoration of your brain/mind/soul complex and physical body to help you to more effectively pray and make intercession for those who are within your spiritual and natural spheres of influence.

Enrollment Information for Online School
Each manual may be purchased for a discount price of $180 per manual; or the course can be completed by enrolling in our school and ordering each lesson at a minimum Mal 3:10 Contribution of $25 per lesson.  Lessons will forwarded to you online when you make your lesson Contribution.

We are also pleased to announce that we have developed another course called “The Eternal Health Care Plan”; to enroll in this course send us an email with your address and contact info along with a pledge to take the course on a per chapter basis; each chapter is offered at the same rate as the lessons for the courses above.

We invite you to partner with us to advance the Victory of the Kingdom of the Son through this ministry and it’s online school.

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